Lecture of the Essence of EU Constitution Held Successfully

   On the evening of March 30th, Beijing Normal University Law School & Maxdo College held the lecture of the Essence of EU Constitution in GAOMINGXUAN academic report hall. Professor Enoch Alberti, the president from the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona served as the speaker, and the Vice Dean of Law School, Professor Liang Yingxiu hosted the lecture.


Firstly, Professor Alberti gave a brief introduction and analysis on the history of the European Union and the treaties of the EU Constitution.


Then was the Q&A session during which the students asked questions in both English and Spanish, and Professor Hu Junhong served as the interpreter. The students got their satisfactory answers from professor Alberti.


At last, Professor Hu Junhong concluded the lecture and Professor Alberti expressed welcome to the students for visiting and studying at the Faculty of Law of UB this coming summer.