An Overview of the LL.M. Program

   Beijing Normal University was founded in 1902; it is a key university under the guidance of the Ministry of Education. Since the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of China, the development objective of which is to create a comprehensive, distinctive and high-quality “World-Renowned Research-Oriented University,” Beijing Normal University has followed the developmental philosophy of “Stabilizing the Current Scale, Optimizing the Structure, Highlighting the Characteristics, and Innovating Independently” and has vigorously implemented strategies for development in teacher education, subjects , talents , scientific research, talents for strengthening the university, internationalization, insurance of development conditions, and institution innovation. The school has grasped the opportunity of reform and development available now and is actively meeting national strategic needs, while striving to make ever greater contributions to strengthening the country via human resources and innovative national construction.

        Beijing Normal University Law School was inaugurated on April 26, 2006, basing on the original Law Department. It, together with the College for Criminal Law Science (CCLS) set up in August, 2005, comprises the integral law discipline of Beijing Normal UniversityLaw School and CCLS provide primary Master degree programs in all sub-majors of law including J.M., secondary doctoral degree programs in criminal law, procedural law and civil and commercial law. Law school and CCLS boast a faculty with outstanding strength, including 35 professors and 33 associate professors among more than 100 full-time teachers. Full-time teachers with high level of domestic and foreign University doctoral degree account for 98%. The Law School and CCLS also has many international links and partnership programs with leading universities and legal institutions around the world.

        With China's rapid economic growth and growing presence on the world stage, the knowledge of Chinese law has become an essential resource for international students and legal professionals engaged with ChinaBeijing Normal University Law School has established the LL.M. Program in Chinese Law to address the needs of an international community seeking a comprehensive and systematic understanding of Chinese law from a first-rate legal institution.

        This program provides an intensive instruction in Chinese law. Leading faculty members will offer Chinese law courses specially designed for international students. Teaching will comprise of both lectures and small-group seminars. Additionally, Beijing Normal University regularly attracts top scholars and practitioners in Chinese law and students will have first-hand access to such distinguished presenters. There are also optional subjects in non-law areas such as politics, economy and society to facilitate students’ understanding of China's culture.

        All courses of this program are taught in English, aiming at cultivating high-level international professional talents with good professional basis and understanding of Chinese society and culture.



General Studies

        2-year program spanning four semesters of study. The first year is full-time course of study class attendance. The second year is set aside for thesis writing, legal practice and internship. The students have the option to stay in China or return to their own residence in the second academic year, but they must attend the thesis defence before the end of the 4th semester.


Eligibility Requirements

1. Non-Chinese nationals or permanent residents of Hong KongMacao and        Taiwan under the age of 50.

2. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or above and better with substantial law-related working experience.

3. All applicants who are not native English speakers or who did not have a postsecondary education entirely conducted in English language must take the TOEFL or IELTS examination. The Program requires a minimum score of 80 in TOEFL IBT, or 6.0 in IELTS.


Credits and Courses

Credits: 34 Credits Including 6 Required Courses (3 credits each) 18 Credits altogether, 5 Elective Courses (2 credits each) 10 Credits altogether and Dissertation for Masters’ Degree for 6 Credits.

Courses: All courses are taught in English.


Tuition and Scholarships

The tuition fee is 80,000 CNY for two years, language courses not included.

Scholarships: BNU offers 3 kinds of scholarships for the participants of LL.M. Program in Chinese Law, including:

1. CSC Chinese Government Scholarship, with tuition exemption plus fees for on-campus accommodation, and a certain amount of living subsidy;

2. Beijing Government Scholarship, with tuition exemption for one academic year.

3. BNU Yearly Scholarship, with a certain amount of living fees.