About Us

 Law School, the precursor of which was the Law Department set up in 2002, is one of the youngest and the most vigorous ones of the twenty-five schools in the hundred-year Beijing Normal University. To fulfill the requirement of the national rule of law construction and university discipline development arrangement, the law discipline is written down in the University Eleventh Five-Year Plan with prior building and development. Following the establishment of the first substantive College for Criminal Law Science in China on August 18, 2005, Law School was officially inaugurated on April 26, 2006. Being separately operated with close cooperation, the two schools comprise the integral law discipline of Beijing Normal University. The distinguished law expert Professor Jiang Ping is invited to be the emeritus dean of the school, and the Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor of the Education Ministry and President of the Criminal Law Research Committee of China Law Society, Professor Zhao Bingzhi, the dean.


Still being a neonate, Law School boasts a faculty with outstanding strength. By April, 2013, among all the full-time teachers, there is 1 Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor, 3 holders of the title 'Ten Distinguished Young Jurists', 2 in the 'Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project'  assessed  by Personnel Ministry, 1 in the 'Training Project for Excellent Academic Elites  over  the Century' assessed by Education Ministry, 4 in the 'Talent Support  Project  in New Century' assessed by Education Ministry, and 15 Standing Members,  Secretaries and Presidents of national professional societies. Structurally speaking, there are 34 professors, 37 associate professors and 17 lecturers and 88 of them have doctorates, occupying 100%, more than 15% of which are gained abroad. Besides, Law School also invites 38 Distinguished Professors and 38 Adjunct Professors from celebrated scholars and expert leaders home and abroad.


Law School commands seven teaching and research centers, namely, Teaching and Research Center of Jurisprudence, Teaching  and Research Center of Constitution and Administrative  law, Teaching and Research Center of Civil and Commercial law, Teaching and Research Center of Criminal Law, Teaching and Research Center of Procedural Law, Teaching and Research Center of Economic and Environment Resources Law and Teaching and Research Center of International  Law, which are the backing, bearing the tasks of teaching and research as well as legal talent training. Currently, Law School provides primary Master degree programs in all sub-majors of  law  including J.M., secondary doctoral degree programs  in criminal  law, procedural  law and civil and commercial  law, and doctoral programs in international law, jurisprudence, constitutional law, etc. as well as postdoctoral programs in criminal law and procedural law, gradually forming the three-level talent training pattern of undergraduate, master  and  Ph.D. At present, there are 216 undergraduate students, 702 master's candidates (including J.M.) and 95 Ph.D. candidates as well as 32 postdoctoral researchers.


To be at the stage of leap-forward development, Law School, relying on the worldwide eminent Beijing Normal University, will keep the spirit of the university motto 'Learn, be as to instruct others; Act, to serve as example to all' and the characteristics of 'high starting point, research-oriented pattern and internationalization' to cultivate the best legal practice talents and high-end researchers, in order to build a national wide best and worldwide celebrated teaching and research institution of law.